Expert College Planning


“Taking the next steps toward your dreams.”

The College Admissions process can seem very complicated and byzantine for many parents and students.  We have had plenty of experience helping students with this often tedious process.   Mr.  Justin Buffer, our Founder, Owner and Director, is an author, licensed educator, and an experienced professional College Planner and will help guide you step-by-step through this process.  You can read more about Mr. Buffer by clicking here.

We offer:

  • Expert help and guidance with Applications and Application Essays

  • Personality and Career Tests

  • Help preparing for Interviews

  • Full College Application Review

  • Long-term extracurricular planning

  • High school Academic Advising

  • Help making college lists with matching schools

  • Help planning and preparing for college visits

  • Review of college applications

  • Help for successful college interviews

  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Guidance

   We also offer help via Skype and phone!  So, we do take out-of-state students for this service!




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